Updated on 22 July 2022, Friday, from Singapore


Our toddler is growing up! With things opening up, we are going out more and exploring as family. It's a joy to give in and answer all the whats, whys and hows. I'm constantly learning how to be a better parent by reading up on toddler psychology and playtimes.


I think I am finally diagnosed correctly for my eye pain associated with screentime. After years of myopia, contact lens usage, LASIK surgeries and dry eyes, I have Neuropathic Occular Pain, which currently has uncertain cure.

I am continuing to see a team of eye specialists along with my lifestyle that focusses on healthy screentime and I back off as soon as I feel the slightest pain. I fail sometimes, but I am getting better!


I finally learnt FreeCAD, a mechanical CAD design software to design an electronics enclosure. As I get older, learning new things to rewire my brain neurons are important :)

Really happy that I 3D printed the case and shared the entire process of designing it on a video!