Updated on 14 March 2022, Monday, from Singapore


Having a kid in 2020 during the pandemic has been the biggest change of my life. As parents, we are learning, adjusting, and having lots of fun adventures with our toddler.

Parenting takes up most of our time now, and it will be my primary focus while our child is young.


I was diagnosed with dry eyes after 2 decades of contact lens usage and then LASIK. Sadly that reduces my screen time with the work that I love so much.

On the brighter side of things, I am learning to deal with mindless scrolling with the intentional use of laptops and mobile. This shift of perspective has compelled me to focus daily on workouts, meditation, outdoor time, pen and paper.


After years of not knowing what I want to focus on, I have finally settled on something I want to give a shot for a good few years.

I make open-source devices in the home automation space and share the process on my YouTube channel. I am excited about the technologies I work with and constantly learning so much!

Really happy that I finally got to complete a LoRa-GPS tracker device. Check out all the design files and the demo!